my repository is growing very big, how to avoid this?

Asked by Jeroen Hellingman on 2008-01-04

I've created a repository, in which I loaded about 1 gigabyte of files (Mainly TEI (SGML), HTML, and text files I work with for Project Gutenberg, and associated JPEG images, about 10000 files in total) After the first load, the repository size was about 800 megs, so I was happy, but after about 10 commits of relatively minor changes, the repository size had already grown to 2.78 gigabytes. I want to reduce the size of the repository. Running a pack command only increases the problem.

I noticed a bunch of huge files in the obsolete_packs (*.pack) and upload (*.autopack) directories. Can I safely remove some of these? Do you consider a compact command to clean up such artifacts?

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Martin Pool (mbp) said : #1

Hi Jeroen,

Yes, you can remove those files. I believe they will be automatically removed at intervals (or a future release may do so), but for such a large repo you may want to do so by hand.

The upload directory is used while bzr is writing to the repository, so be careful not to delete from there while it's in use. Files may be left behind if Bazaar is suddenly interrupted.

In general if you only delete files when you're sure no (local or remote) bzr process is accessing the repository it will be ok.

Thanks, will proceed throwing those files away.