Diffs for all revisions of a single file?

Asked by Daniel Nyström on 2007-12-20

Is it possible to get all diffs for a range of revisions of a single file?
Like "git-log" style.

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Vincent Ladeuil
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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said : #1

bzr diff -r xx..yy <file>

should do it.

Look at bzr help diff for more information

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #2

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.
What I was looking for was a "bzr log -r xx..yy" which not only showed the commit message, but also the patch for each revision.
Exactly like "git-log -p" (not git-log only, sorry).

Best Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said : #3

Oh, then I think bzr doesn't provide that in a single command yet, what you can do is:

- 'bzr log -rxx..yy filename' to display only the revisions affecting the file

- 'bzr diff -c revno filename' to display the changes applied to filename in revno

Feel free to describe your use case on the mailing list in case there is another way to address your needs or someone willing to write a plugin for it ;-)

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #4

Actually, I never thought about it myself, but an friend using "git" were really missing the function for doing a fully migration to bzr. I do think it's a good feature in git though.

I posted a blueprint for it and hopes it will come with some future release.

Daniel Nyström (speakman) said : #5

Thanks vila, that solved my question.

James Westby (james-w) said : #6


Just to note that bzr now has "log -p" as well.