Way to get list of additions, removals & modifications between 2 working trees like 'status'?

Asked by Will S. on 2007-11-21

Is there a way to compare 2 working trees for additions, removals & modifications, etc., which provides a list like 'status' does when comparing 2 revisions? I'd like to be able to find out what files have changed between 2 branches, without having to wade through the diff output from "bzr diff branch1 branch2". Thanks.

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Vincent Ladeuil
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Best Vincent Ladeuil (vila) said : #1

I don't think bzr provides such a beast, but will you be happy enough with :

   bzr diff branch1 branch2 | grep ^===

If yes, may be a --names-only option can be added to bzr diff ( to avoid grep false positives)

Will S. (willdspann) said : #2

Your suggested use of grep is helpful for when I'm working in Linux. Unfortunately this workaround is not usable on a Windows system without a grep port installed, or when running bzr from say a flash drive. The --names-only option you suggest for 'bzr diff' is really what I am looking for. I thought about suggesting something like that when I posted my question, but at the time I was unsure whether such a feature existed elsewhere. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.

Will S. (willdspann) said : #3

I've just posted a feature request for such a --name-only option to 'bzr diff', with example usage and 2 pros for adding the feature. I referenced your suggested workaround. Thanks.

Will S. (willdspann) said : #4

Thanks vila, that solved my question.

Alok (alokgovil) said : #5

Is there an update on this now, two plus years later?

I would like to be able to see a chart/table with working tree files on one axis and revision history on the other, so that I can visualize which files got added, deleted, changed, etc. and when.

Martin Pool (mbp) said : #6

You can now do eg

  bzr st -rbranch:../trunk

to see which files are added/modified/deleted in the two branches, but this doesn't tell you when. Alok, can you please open your own new bug showing the kind of output you'd like to have?