Can bzr plugins (but not things like Bzr-Alldocs, Mac Installer, etc) be grouped into a subproject on Launchpad?

Asked by Zearin

On the Bazaar VCS and Tools page, the list of subprojects is pretty extreme. I noticed that although most of these are plugins, not all of them are. Examples include the Documentation website and Mac Installers/Uninstallers.

I was thinking, instead of having the Bazaar VCS and Tools be an umbrella project for EVERYTHING, could we create a subproject for just bzr plugins? That would make it a bit easier for users or casual contributors to filter down to what they are looking for.

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Martin Pool (mbp) said :


Yes, we could do that. Is that really useful?

It seems to me that users trying to explore the list of products don't want a Launchpad project group so much as they want a directory of projects and we'd be better off trying to improve

What do you think?

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Zearin (zearin) said :

Documentation definitely needs work. It's quite good in terms of maturity—not perfect, but solid—but every time I read documentation I see tons of room for improvement.


I actually really want to contribute to the documentation, but I kind of don't know where to find it. I opened a question asking for help here, although no responses yet: )

I honestly think both would be useful.

I think you're right that the Documentation is a clear priority, but I also think that if the Launchpad plugins were put into a homogeneous Launchpad project it would not only prove useful to people currently using Launchpad, but might be attractive to casual users or people who are on the fence about getting involved.

After all (and please correct me if I'm wrong), one of the things that attracted me to Bazaar (and Launchpad) was its focus on lowering as many barriers to entry as possible, maximizing human-friendliness, and generally just having stuff Make Sense™.

I'm making an assumption that for core devs like yourself, there is a simpler way to reorganize projects than for dabblers. If I'm wrong about that, then I totally think this wouldn't be worth the time. On the other hand, if the process isn't really an ordeal, I kind of look at this as some “low-hanging fruit” that's worth going for.

Am I making any sense?

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Martin Pool (mbp) said :

I answered the other question. Sorry for the delay; apparently no one was subscribed to bzr-alldocs question mail.

You can't have nested project groups on Launchpad, so we couldn't have bazaar->bzr-plugins->{bzr-svn, ...}. So let's focus on just making the docs clear; we have so much more control there over making sure that things are presented in a good way.

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