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Asked by Daniel B. Davis

I am brand new to Bazaar, but retired after 45+ years programming. On an
existing eclipse project directory with stuff at a point to save:
bzr init - ok
bzr add - ok
bzr commit - ok
bzr status not ok
  unknown: .classpath

All files listed correctly. I successfully removed a few obvious to remove, such as
.project and .classpath using --keep. It was ok.

I expected to see the committed material, but while I am here,
a second question is: how does project get identified?
I went through online document on word 'project', saw nothing.

How can I get status of committed material?
How can a project get a name?


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Parth Malwankar
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Best Parth Malwankar (parthm) said :

Hi Daniel,

Regarding the unknown files. You can use 'bzr ignore' command to ignore files that you don't want to version control.

> How can I get status of committed material?

The `status` command shows whats changed since the last commit in terms of unknown files, modified files, added files, renamed files etc. To know details about existing files 'bzr ls' command is useful. For detailed information about history 'bzr log' can be used. 'bzr help' can be used to get details for specific commands.

> how does project get identified?
> How can a project get a name?

I am not sure I understand the question correctly. By 'project' do you mean a branch? bzr due to its distributed nature used the directory as a branch. Each branch contains a .bzr directory which contains the repository with all the revisions. To get details about a branch you can use the 'bzr info' command in your branch.

In case you haven't seen it already, bzr tutorial provides is a good starting point for commonly used bzr commands.

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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) said :

Bazaar have no idea about "project". The basic unit in bzr is branch (created with `bzr init`). Usually one branch holds the code of one project. So the name of directory where branch located can be used as project name. This is usual practice.

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Daniel B. Davis (dbd400) said :

Thanks Parth Malwankar, that solved my question.

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Daniel B. Davis (dbd400) said :

Thanks so much for the clear and complete answers. I would like to comment for whatever use may be made of it:

Ar first, I did understand that bazaar used directory/path to track things. This seemed immediately obvious from the format of the commands: 'bzr init', 'bzr add', and 'bzr commit' Yet, after I misconstrued the nature of 'bzr status' I started trying to find what I had missed. Earlier, I had discounted the use of the word 'project' in the documentation, but under the added pressure from this misstep, I began to think that 'project' as used in the documentation, meant more than a literary convention, and that after the 'simplified' way of establishing controlled files, other ways existed to 'name' them ala CVS. or SubVersion.

I am suggesting that the word 'project' in the documentation be replaced by some other construction. It is really hard to find a satisfactory one, A construction which means: 'group of things being controlled together' is wanted. Maybe 'controlled collection' or 'controlled unit'. Branch is very good, but one needs branch for a more specific purpose, so that one may refer to the 'collection of branches',

Again, many thanks and good luck.