Why use pycurl when it seems so buggy?

Created by Martin Pool
https pycurl transport

Vincent writes in thread "selftest results for PPA 1.15-1 on x86_64":

   Maritza> Thanks, John. I have been poking around in the bug
   Maritza> reports on launchpad. It seems that when an issue
   Maritza> arises with pycurl or ca-certificates the discussion
   Maritza> spirals into confusion pretty quickly.

Long story short: pycurl validates certificates, some people
relies on certificate validation. urllib doesn't validate
certificates (yet). Once certificate validation is implemented
for urllib (easy for 2.6), we can get rid of pycurl. For python
2.4 and 2.5 though, that will mean replacing the pycurl
dependency by a python-https[1] dependency.