VirtualTreeGrid and VS2008

Asked by Darcy Casselman

I'm trying to get this to build in VS2008 (with the VS2008 SDK), but I'm missing Microsoft.VisualStudio.VirtualTreeGrid.dll. There seems to be quite a bit of dependency to this library in the code.

I don't think this is a documented SDK interface. Where'd it come from? Do you know if there's a readily available substitute?

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KH (k.h) said :

I think it's not being installed with the Express Edition.

The Bazaar extension isn't supported with the Express Editions of Visual Studio, you’ll need at least the Standard Edition.

BTW: Visual Studio 2010 provides a whole new way of developing extensions based on MAF, MEF and WPF. While it doesn't make extensions for Visual Studio 2005/2008 obsolete, the development of these is very time consuming and I wouldn't recommend putting a lot of time in the development of the current Bazaar extension anymore.

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Darcy Casselman (dscassel) said :

I'm running Visual Studio 2008 Professional with the Visual Studio 2008 SDK version 1.0.

I spent the last year working on a source control provider plug-in for a proprietary ACM vendor. I've since moved to a different company and am looking to use Bazaar to access their SVN repository. Since I'm well aware of the benefits of IDE-integrated version control, I was hoping to pick up someone else's work to scratch my particular itch. Basically, I'd be reasonably happy right now if I had a bzr plugin that automatically tracked adds, deletes and renames. I can do that in reasonably short order (particularly if I steal your Bazaar .NET interface). But I thought I might as well see if I can get this working first.

I want to have a look at the MEF stuff for VS2010, but right now I'm using VS2008. So I'd kind of like to get something to build on VS2008.

So what's up with VirtualTreeGrid?

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KH (k.h) said :

The VirtualTreeGrid is included with both Visual Studio 2005/2008. It might not show up in the "Add Reference" dialog though; in this case you need to reference it by browsing to the GAC on your machine and selecting the Microsoft.VisualStudio.VirtualTreeGrid assembly.

The VirtualTreeGrid is indeed an undocumented part of Visual Studio and not meant for public consumption, so it might probably have changed since VS2005. It's basically a control that combines a TreeView with a ListView in detailed mode. You might be able to find a substitute under the more common term 'TreeListView'.

The VS extension in the 'banquet.status' branch (a.k.a 'trunk') is able to track addition, renaming, modification and removal of files and folders in controlled projects. Please note that the Bazaar .NET interface was built around bzr 0.90 and needs to be updated to work with current versions.

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Best KH (k.h) said :

I've tried to get the Visual Studio extension running with Visual Studio 2008 today. It works after a few modifications. I've put up a HOWTO here:

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Darcy Casselman (dscassel) said :

Thanks Klaus Hartke, that solved my question.