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Asked by Gui on 2007-06-07

First of all I had a hard time getting the python svn bindings to compile with the patch. I think it's mostly related to the fact that I was using VS 2005 to compile...
For example the patch file for svn 1.4.3 fails to export one function in swigutil_py.h causing linking to fail...
int svn_swig_py_pool_set_owned_ref(PyObject *proxy, PyObject *oldRef, PyObject *newRef);
So if anyone is interested in getting a compiled version I can try to upload that somewhere...

After that I tried to run the unit test "bzr selftest svn" but it was failing with a lots of errors.
I then fixed create_repository (it was creating a file://c:/ instead of file:///c:/) and various tests went thru but still errors.
I finally came back to the project page to realize that Windows support is in the Future Enhancements section.... :S

So here is the question... When will Windows be supported ? it is planned for a specific release ?
If it's only related to the path separator it may not be that hard to do...

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Jelmer Vernooij
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Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer) said : #1

The main problem was getting the patched subversion to build and providing a MSI or something of it. Can you put one online somewhere?

If there is a patched python-subversion build available, it should be easy to fix the Window support (probably just path separator stuff, but maybe also some locking issues).

Gui (guillaume-scio) said : #2

You can download from
This is svn-1.4.3 with python 2.5

You were just talking about locking issues and I actually also had that same problem when I tried to run the test suite for the svn bindings.
on the TearDown it tries to delete trac-svnrepos\test0\db\format and I get access denied... I read that there was similar issues and they were due to file locking which seems to the problem since I am admin of my win box...
So in short I cannot guaranteed that those bindings pass the unit tests provided since i don't have time now to dig into the unit test... But I may want to file a bug with svn guys..

Gui (guillaume-scio) said : #3

For those that may not know how to install the modules

Best Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer) said : #4

Thanks! I'll have a look at porting bzr-svn tomorrow

Gui (guillaume-scio) said : #5

Thanks ! I'm eager to test..

Gui (guillaume-scio) said : #6

Thanks Jelmer Vernooij, that solved my question.

howari (mla-plenware) said : #7

This does not work with https svn repositories, or am i missing something? <>

Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer) said : #8

Not sure, it may not have been compiled with SSL support.

Gui (guillaume-scio) said : #9

Yes no SSL support... I'll try to recompile when I have time.