How do I use Meld with BZR ?

Asked by Hibou57 (Yannick Duchêne)

Hi all,

In ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf, I have a line “gconflicts_diff3 = meld”.

However, while Meld opens fine with 3 tabs and I can solve conflicts within Meld and save the result, when I close Meld, I still can't commit, because BZR still always complains there are conflict.

I searched the web for some informations about how to use Meld with BZR, but all failed. Some documents refers to a bzr-difftools, some other to a bzr-extmerge, but neither ppa:bzr-difftools or bzr-extmerge seems to be valid locations for Ubuntu packages. Another document talked about a wrapper script, but this does not work, neither. Above all, all documents I found on that topic, seems old (date equal or prior to 2008, most of times).

Is it common practice to use Meld to resolve conflict with BZR or Bazaar Explorer ? And if so, how do I do this ?

I am used to Meld for that kind of stuff, and would be pleased to use it with BZR or Bazaar Explorer too.

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Hibou57 (Yannick Duchêne) (yannick-duchene) said :

Could figure it.

Bazaar Explorer does not automatically removes file.BASE, file.OTHER and file.THIS when conflicts are resolved from Meld. You have to request an Automatic Merge for that to be done.

That's counter intuitive, because when one just did a manual merge after the automatic merge failed, one is not likely to do a second automatic merge after that, because 1) it already failed and no one is expected to run twice a command which failed 2) there is no more conflict, so one may no first think to request to solve conflicts when conflicts are resolved.

I believe this is an UI misconception.

Idea: a button should appears, with a label like “Manual merge terminated” or “Validate manual merge”.

Do you see what I mean ? (that is important for an UI to be straight away understandable, and that is especially with such a good starting point as Bazaar Explorer is).

Please, how do I move this question to Bazaar Explorer ? I've just noticed I've posted it in Bazaar (period, not Explorer).

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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) said :

It looks like you have UI tension from gconflicts dialog which comes to Bazaar Explorer from bzr-gtk plugin. I think your question is more suitable for bzr-gtk project.