n00b questions about installing the ppa repo

Asked by teknopaul on 2018-01-13

how do I install this code?

Forgive my ignorance never use bzr before, I'm trying to move of P4

I tried a few things but I dont grok PPA yet.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bzr-fastimport
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bzrp4

I tried running from source by dumping the code to ./foo and

BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=./foo bzr selftest bzrp4
bzr: ERROR: tests not available. Install the python-bzrlib.tests package to run the bzr testsuite.

sudo aptitude install python-bzrlib
python-bzrlib is already installed at the requested version (2.7.0-2ubuntu3.1)

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teknopaul (teknopaul) said : #1

I think I manged to get somethinn to run (no more python errors)

sudo aptitude install bzr
sudo aptitude install perforce-p4python
mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins
cd -p ~/.bazaar/plugins
bzr branch lp:bzrp4

when I try to run it it acts as if
a) I got the syntax wrong
b) Its got nothing to do with bzr???

~/.bazaar/plugins/bzrp4/p4-fast-export.py export --verbose //depot/cairoruler@all

Usage: p4-fast-export.py export [options] //depot/path[@revRange]

Creates a new git repository and imports from Perforce into it

  --import-local Import into refs/heads/ , not refs/remotes
  --keep-path Keep entire BRANCH/DIR/SUBDIR prefix during import
  --use-client-spec Only sync files that are included in the Perforce
                        Client Spec
  -h, --help show this help message and exit

teknopaul (teknopaul) said : #2

I managed to get something to run with git_p4.py run by hand

chmod ~/.bazaar/plugins/bzrp4/*.py

~/.bazaar/plugins/bzrp4/git_p4.py export //depot/cairoruler@all > cairoruler.fi
bzr fast-import cairoruler.fi cairoruler.bzr

This creates a directory cairoruler.bzr/p4/master.remote which seems to be the workspace.

So Ithink perhaps is the plugins systems thats not wrking

bzr fast-export-from-p4
bzr: ERROR: unknown command "fast-export-from-p4"

 bzr plugins output includes

  (no description)
fastimport 0.14.0dev
  FastImport Plugin

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