What is externals-snapshot for?

Asked by Ian Newson on 2013-06-25

Currently I'm working on a project framework which uses Bazaar Externals. The framework in question rejects certain actions if the source is not fully committed. However, committing changes in the outer branch updates the externals-snapshot file which necessitates another commit, which is frustrating and leads to 'nonsense' commits.

What is externals-snapshot actually used for? I can't seem to find anywhere in the source where it's value is used.

Is it necessary for externals-snapshot to be committed? Or can I ignore it via .bzrignore?


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Eugene Tarasenko
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Eugene Tarasenko (etarasenko) said : #1

Snapshots use for saving last good versions of external repositories. Snapshots quite update when you commit in main repo. And you can roll back to any good versions main and external repositories in any time.

Ian Newson (ian-newson) said : #2

Ah, I see. So the values saved in this file are not used by the plugin itself?

Is there anyway to get the plugin to update this file prior to commit, instead of afterwards which seems to be the current default?

Eugene Tarasenko (etarasenko) said : #3

Snapshot file will use instead of externals file when you checkout previous commits.

Ian Newson (ian-newson) said : #4

Ok, that makes sense.

Is there any way to get the plugin to update this file prior to commit, instead of afterwards?

Thanks for your help!

Best Eugene Tarasenko (etarasenko) said : #5

Sorry, I do not remember such details.

Ian Newson (ian-newson) said : #6

Ok, thanks for your help.