How do I switch checkout from Bazaar Explorer?

Asked by Dr Al

In the command line version of Bazaar, I can use "bzr switch" or "bzr qswitch" to switch checkout. If I point Bazaar Explorer at my local working copy, it recognises it as a checkout (so I can "unbind" if I want to), but the switch option is greyed out. How can I enable this so that I don't have to start a command line to switch checkout?

Steps to reproduce my apparent problem (I didn't know whether this is a real bug, hence posting it as a question):

Command Line:

mkdir -p ~/temp/test-repo
cd ~/temp/test-repo
# Create the repository
bzr init-repo --no-trees .
cd ..
# Create a working copy
mkdir test-wd
cd test-wd/
bzr init
bzr push ../test-repo/trunk
# Turn working copy into checkout
bzr bind ../test-repo/trunk/
# Check that switch works, now a checkout of ../test-repo/feature-test
bzr switch -b feature-test
# Switch back to trunk
bzr switch trunk
# Start explorer
bzr explorer &

Click "Open Existing Location"
Click "Open"
Click "Choose" (it defaults to the current directory, which is ~/temp/test-wd
Click on the "Work" toolbar button
"Switch Checkout" is greyed out

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Dr Al (abudden) said :

Looking into this in more detail, this seems to be related to a distinction between a bound branch and a checkout. According to bazaar, if I do:

    bzr co test-repo/trunk test-wd1
    cd test-wd1
    bzr info

Bazaar reports that test-wd1 is a checkout of test-repo/trunk.

If I do:

    bzr branch test-repo/trunk test-wd2
    cd test-wd2
    bzr bind ../test-repo/trunk
    bzr info

Bazaar reports that test-wd2 is also a checkout of test-repo/trunk, so binding the branch is the same as checking out the source.

However, looking at (area around line 412 in revision 311), Bazaar Explorer treats a bound branch and a checkout as entirely distinct. Why is this? Should the line:

    self.ui.action_Switch: ['checkout'],

be changed to:

    self.ui.action_Switch: ['bound-branch', 'checkout'],

The same could be said for:

    self.ui.action_Unbind: ['bound-branch'],

Shouldn't this be a valid operation for a checkout? It's possible I'm missing something, as I'm not sure I understand why "Bind" is a valid operation for a checkout (as it is essentially already bound).

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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) said :

Based on the status of the realted bug (Fix Released) this question can be closed as well?

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