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Asked by Lou Feliz

I am getting started, have it installed. I have existing projects that I need to put under version control.

My project has a root folder and a dev sub-folder that contains the source, reports containing report ojects, notes containing program notes, docs containing user documentation. I initialize bazaar telling it location is c:\project\delphi\app\ thinking it will pickup my subfolders . It creates a .bzr and a trunk folder.

Should I just dump all files under trunk and now work under trunk? Just need a nudge in right direction.

Should I load all to Trunk and then create a Dev branch (light bulb starting to turn on....)

Thanks for putting up with my novice questions. I have until now been using jedivcs (a written in Delphi VCS for Delphi IDE) and its time to move on as I use more PHP etc...


- Lou

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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) said :

What do you mean by "a root folder and a dev sub-folder"?

How did you initialize bazaar repository? Can you provide some more details?

Can you show me what `bzr info c:\project\delphi\app` and `bzr info c:\project\delphi\app\trunk` prints?

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Lou Feliz (lou-a) said :

I am using Bazaar Explorer 1.2.1 with Bazaar 2.4.2 on Windows XP 32 bit. I will eventually be using just the command line on my php project, but starting with GUI on windows.

I have an existing delphi project in C:\project\delphi\app (my root folder)
with source in C:\project\delphi\app\dev (dev folder containing source )
C:\project\delphi\app\notes - dev notes
C:\project\delphi\app\docs - end user docs usually text , word file, maybe pdf etc...

After installing Bazaar I personalize with my name .

Using Bazaar menu, select start and then initialize.

It asks for location I browse to and it sets to C:/project/delphi/app

I select Feature Branches workspace model leave all as default and click OK

It creates a .bzr and trunk folder in C:/project/delphi/app

C:\project\delphi\app>bzr info c:\project\delphi\app\trunk
Repository tree (format: 2a)
  shared repository: .
  repository branch: trunk

Okay so my question is do Move everything into Trunk ? so my new structure is


If I do that, I can then go into explorer and it shows 3 unversioned items (the three folders and lets me add them).

If this how it works for an existing project do I just continue working in with my ide out of c:\project\delphi\app\trunk\dev or should use the original location and just copy files into the trunk\ as needed when I want it version controlled.

If I start a new project, would I then just initialize the repository for the project and then working in trunk to capture everything.

I understand I can edit config to ignore certain file extensions or paths as I dont want to include intermediate compiled object or exe files.

Thank you for taking time to read this and help get me going in the right direction. Once I have this going, I can then experiment and plan for sharing the code with another developer. I am planning on moving the repository to a central Linux server and we would then each have our own local copy to work from.

Cheers! and thank you

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Lou Feliz (lou-a) said :

Okay.... I started over without the GUI , just via command line and its making more sense now. Explorer Gui doe some additional things that had me a bit confused. I think its best to use command line to start and GUI afterwards.

Started with and used first example of putting an existing project under version control. I got it now :) Yay!

Read and will just keep it simple. One repository per project, unless the projects are dependent.

Now the last part to get my local repos on laptop upto a central shared repo so other devs I work with can pull down code.

I will open another item for that once I do a bit more research.


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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) said :

All you did is correct. You could move your code to trunk branch, or you could create standalone branch, or you can create colocated workspace. I think follow shared repositrory + trunk layout would be the most straigthforward way for you.