Commitment to Bazaar Explorer development?

Asked by Greg on 2010-07-21

I hesitated many times before asking this question but I must...
What is the commitment to the continued development of Bazaar Explorer?

I used Bazaar for over a year on personal projects and fell in love with it. Recently I introduced it to my work place. We have had so many problems with stability, mostly crashing Bazaar Explorer, but also some internal repository stability issues. I am constantly monitoring the situation and may have to discontinue use.

Like most commercial operations, we must have a stable and working system and are willing to pay for it. Some of the other DVCS are getting commercial support. I thought Canonical was actively supporting development. Over the last few months, the issue list has increased but development appears stagnant.

If the code base was C# and .Net, I know myself and a few other people who might contribute occasional fixes and improvements.

I will end this question with many thanks to the active Bazaar Explorer developers, particularly Ian Clatworthy and Alexander Belchenko who seem to stand out with code or community contributions. I sincerely hope this is just a temporary lul or my imagination, and not a decline for a DVCS that is designed for humans, both from the command line and UI.

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Martin Pool (mbp) said : #1

Hi Greg,

Sorry for the delay, I was at a conference and travelling last week.

The short answer is that the lull in Explorer development is because one of it's leading developers, Ian, is gravely ill. <> Other people are still working on qbzr and related things but he's left big shoes to fill.

If you've done GUI work in C# then you may find the language barrier is not so high and some of these bugs are approachable, and if you do try a patch for them we will help you get it in.

More broadly Canonical is still committed to using Bazaar and we're using it more and more broadly ourselves. At the moment we are focussing on bzr-builddeb and bzr-builder but we do still want to maintain the overall suite.

Greg (gregspecialsource) said : #2

Thanks for responding Martin, and others who did so privately. It is encouraging to hear about your continued commitment to QBZR and other related components. I was aware and greatly saddened by Ian's deteriorating health. I am grateful for his outstanding contribution and pleased he's now spending precious time with family and friends. The challenge now, as you suggest, is to continue the work toward an integrated GUI for The Masses. I understand Web and Linux seem to take the limelight in Open Source, but The Masses still appreciate rich client apps on Windows and Mac.