bzrEclipse is support bzr-svn plugin?

Asked by gnome29

I have a subversion repository and i use bzr-svn plugin to checkout my svn branches in bzr branches with Olive (bzr-gtk project)

I would like to do this with bzrEclipse plugin. In preference dialog, i added bzr plugins paths.
But checkout wizard can't work with my subversion repository.

So, bzrEclipse can used bzr-svn functionalities?

(Sorry for my english, i'm a french guy!)

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Guillermo Gonzalez
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Best Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said :

I just tried to checkout a svn repository, and worked ok (without authentication, as this limitation applies to bzr-svn as to bzr itself in bzr-eclipse).

The test repository was:

So the answer is:
Yes it works with svn repositories that don't require authentication.


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gnome29 (kerdudo) said :

Hi Guillermo,

You're right. I tried your repository and it worked.

But in fact, mine require authentication.

So, you said that a lack of bzr-svn not bzrEclipse plugin.

Ok. Thanks for your answer and this great plugin.

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Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said :

The one that's is lacking authentication support is bzr-eclipse for svn repositories and bzr branches as well, for more details: Bug #121936 and Bug #269335


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kilroo (weston-geek) said :

Am I correct in concluding, from my attempts to accomplish it, that bzr-eclipse cannot be placed in control of a lightweight checkout from a subversion repository (which, to the best of my understanding, is essentially a subversion checkout)?

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Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said :


I can't confirm that as I never tried to use bzr-eclipse with bzr-svn, but looks like you already tried all the configs ;-)

As providing full bzr-svn support isn't one of the top priorities at this moment, please file a bug about this so it can be tracked and implemented later.


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Robert Kasanick√Ĺ (robokaso) said :

I've started using bzr-svn via BzrEclipse and so far it works OK for me - a workaround for authentication is to store the credentials in .bazaar/authentication.conf (if you don't do this BzrEclipse gives you an error rather then prompt for credentials which you get on command line or QBzrEclipse)