Light weight version of bzr-eclipse

Asked by Craig Hewetson on 2009-05-28

Is it possible to install bzr-eclipse in a light weight mode where it only gives the user the ability to use the re-factoring abilities of bzr-eclipse?
If true then I'll be willing to contribute to this.
This mode can be switched on/off in the preferences window.

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Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said : #1

Hi Craig,
I don't fully understand the question :)
what bit's of bzr-eclipse should be out of this version?
decorators? the status refresh jobs?

Note this is only desired because of some of the performance issues with larger projects.
My example: +-12 000 files

Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said : #3

Ok, I don't think it would be a big improvement, but I'll like test it :)
the issue is that in order do the refactoring some info must be fetched statusfrom bazaar before allowing the change. (status, etc).
I don't think there is clear hot spot that will make a only-refactoring mode a lot faster than disabling decorators, markers and action checking.
Did you tried to disable all this stuff?


>>Did you tried to disable all this stuff?
I have not tried it yet, I thought if I just asked the question a few good points would be made.
And your points are valid and I think doing what I suggested would be a bad idea.

I've done a refresh of all my projects and my CPU hits 100% a few times and it takes quite sometime for the bazaar specific to get done.

So maybe I will start looking at contributing to ways to reduce this.