Can brz-eclipse connect to remote executable?

Asked by iasion on 2009-02-27

I am currently using CVS and would like to switch to Bazzar, the CVS and repository are sitting on a remote server and I want to maintain similar setting for Bazzar.

I am using Windows and Eclipse 3.3, so now Bazzar and new repository has been installed on the same server. The question now is how can I connect to the executable through brz-eclipse as users must use the browser button to locate the executable. I knew it can be done by modifying 2 pref files under workplace, but they do not exists on my computer.

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Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said : #1

In order to use bzr-eclipse, you need bzr installed in you workstation, please take a look to the install instructions at:


iasion (no-1tensai) said : #2

Sorry, maybe i didn't clarify clearly, I have installed bzr-eclipse on my workstation already, but the problem now is I cannot setup executable path for bzr-eclipse as Bazzar was installed on a remote server. What I want to achieve is to share one Bazzar among the team, everyone just need to use bzr-eclipse to connect to repository. Is that possible to do that? Or everyone need to install their own Bazzar?
Thank you very much for your help.

Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said : #3


I think I mostly understood the problem ok, but let me double check ;)

Just like any other version control system, e.g: CVS, Subversion, mercurial, git, etc. All users need to have the client executable installed in order to interact with the server.
Comparing bzr-eclipse to the subversion eclipse plugin, bzr-eclipse needs bazaar installed as it uses the CLI bzr executable.

after all the users have bzr + xmloutput and bzr-eclispe installed, all can branch+checkout from the server and push+commit to it.

iasion (no-1tensai) said : #4

Thanks for the quick reply, this really confirmed the answer in my mind. Many thanks for your help.