Should bzr-eclipse work correctly with --no-trees branches?

Asked by kilroo

The layout I'm trying to use is that in one place on my local machine I have a shared treeless repository, which contains a trunk branch that is bound to a branch on another machine. I create feature branches from my local trunk. The project in my eclipse workspace contains a lightweight checkout which I switch among my local branches.

All of this works great, except that I have to do most of it from the command line.

Creating the checkout from within Eclipse isn't possible because when I select the branch directory the "next" option is still greyed out, but if I checkout from the command line I can import the directory as a project and share it with bzr with no problem.

From the Team menu, update seems to work fine, but switch is greyed out and commit always says there is nothing to commit. From the command line those operations work fine (and bzr xmlstatus seems to have appropriate output when run from the command line).

Revert also reports no changes to revert, but reverting the whole branch works.

I'm just wondering if all this is known/expected behavior, or if I should try to pull together a more detailed report and file a bug (whether here or with javierder).

I'm using Eclipse Helios (3.6) milestone 5, javierder's unofficial bzr-eclipse (which I suppose might be the problem), and bzr 2.1.0 on Windows XP.

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Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) said :

Hi kilroo,

Regarding checkout directly from Eclipse, there is a bug about not handling windows paths correctly try using file://<path> also, see Bug #314893 (and Bug #372535)

Regarding the weird behavior of the menu, please check what version of bzr-xmloutput you have installed as you'r using bzr >= 2.1.x which breaks bzr-xmloutput <= 0.8.6, see Bug #526740 (and bzr Bug #536652 regarding the version included in the windows installer)

If I get some time, I'll be building a snapshot of trunk so you can have all the fixes available in javierder's branch and other improvements.


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kilroo (weston-geek) said :

Wow, I must have had some kind of a brain failure on researching this. I should have thought of the file://path bit and I should have found Bug #536652 on my own.

However, after updating xmloutput to, when I attempt to do a lightweight checkout using the bzr-eclipse wizard (using file://), I now get:

Executing: checkout --lightweight file:///c:/Eclipse/dbase/trunk C:\Eclipse\Workspace\dbase

    Error while executing checkout
    The response could not be parsed.
    The response could not be parsed.
    Read timed out

It appears, however, that the checkout actually worked just fine, because when I subsequently go to import the existing directory as a project, it is right there waiting for me and shows up under bzr-eclipse team provider control exactly as it should have.

Other than that little hiccup, the only thing that's still a bit of a hassle is that the Switch item in the Team menu is still greyed out.

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