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Asked by Benjamin Martinez on 2010-07-26

hi bean i'm back XD well i have two problems the first one is that i recently moved to arch linux and i installed burg following the wiki with the same folders and it compiles and install correct also i put the themes and fonts folder in /boot/burg but when i restart i have only text burg and the second problem is that burg emu doesn't "make" when i do make i get this error
[code]\ make
  CC grub_mkelfimage-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_mkelfimage-util_elf_grub_mkimage.o
  CC grub_mkelfimage-util_misc.o
  CC grub_mkelfimage-util_resolve.o
  CC grub_mkelfimage-util_obj.o
  CC grub_mkelfimage-kern_list.o
  LINK grub-mkelfimage
  CC grub_fstest-gnulib_progname.o
  GEN grub_fstest_init.lst
  GEN grub_fstest_init.h
  CC grub_fstest-util_grub_fstest.o
  CC grub_fstest-util_hostfs.o
  CC grub_fstest-util_misc.o
  CC grub_fstest-util_mm.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_file.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_device.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_disk.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_err.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_misc.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_host.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_loopback.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_list.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_command.o
  CC grub_fstest-lib_arg.o
  CC grub_fstest-commands_extcmd.o
  CC grub_fstest-lib_datetime.o
  CC grub_fstest-lib_misc.o
  CC grub_fstest-lib_hexdump.o
  CC grub_fstest-lib_crc.o
  CC grub_fstest-commands_blocklist.o
  CC grub_fstest-commands_ls.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_affs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_cpio.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_fat.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_ext2.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_hfs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_hfsplus.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_iso9660.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_udf.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_jfs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_minix.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_nilfs2.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_ntfs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_ntfscomp.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_reiserfs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_sfs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_ufs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_ufs2.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_xfs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_afs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_afs_be.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_befs.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_befs_be.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_tar.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_partition.o
  CC grub_fstest-partmap_msdos.o
  CC grub_fstest-partmap_bsdlabel.o
  CC grub_fstest-partmap_apple.o
  CC grub_fstest-partmap_sun.o
  CC grub_fstest-partmap_sunpc.o
  CC grub_fstest-partmap_gpt.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_fs.o
  CC grub_fstest-kern_env.o
  CC grub_fstest-fs_fshelp.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_raid.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_raid5_recover.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_raid6_recover.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_mdraid_linux.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_dmraid_nvidia.o
  CC grub_fstest-disk_lvm.o
  GEN grub_fstest_init.c
  CC grub_fstest-grub_fstest_init.o
  LINK grub-fstest
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_eltorito.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_hash.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_joliet.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_match.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_mkisofs.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_multi.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_name.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_rock.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_tree.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-util_mkisofs_write.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-gnulib_fnmatch.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-gnulib_error.o
  CC grub_mkisofs-gnulib_progname.o
  LINK grub-mkisofs
  CC grub_mkfont-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_mkfont-util_grub_mkfont.o
  CC grub_mkfont-util_misc.o
  CC grub_mkfont-util_mm.o
  CC grub_mkfont-kern_misc.o
  CC grub_mkfont-kern_err.o
  LINK grub-mkfont
  CC grub_mkrelpath-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_mkrelpath-util_grub_mkrelpath.o
  CC grub_mkrelpath-util_misc.o
  LINK grub-mkrelpath
  CC grub_bin2h-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_bin2h-util_bin2h.o
  LINK grub-bin2h
  CC grub_script_check-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_script_check-gnulib_getdelim.o
  CC grub_script_check-gnulib_getline.o
flex -o grub_script.yy.c --header-file=grub_script.yy.h /home/cruznick/burg/script/yylex.l
  GEN grub_script_check_init.lst
  GEN grub_script_check_init.h
  CC grub_script_check-util_grub_script_check.o
  CC grub_script_check-util_misc.o
  CC grub_script_check-util_mm.o
  CC grub_script_check-script_main.o
  CC grub_script_check-script_script.o
  CC grub_script_check-script_function.o
  CC grub_script_check-script_lexer.o
  CC grub_script_check-kern_handler.o
  CC grub_script_check-kern_err.o
  CC grub_script_check-kern_parser.o
  CC grub_script_check-kern_list.o
  CC grub_script_check-kern_misc.o
  CC grub_script_check-kern_env.o
  GEN grub_script_check_init.c
  CC grub_script_check-grub_script_check_init.o
  CC grub_script_check-grub_script_tab.o
  CC grub_script_check-grub_script_yy.o
  LINK grub-script-check
  CC grub_editenv-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_editenv-util_grub_editenv.o
  CC grub_editenv-lib_envblk.o
  CC grub_editenv-util_misc.o
  CC grub_editenv-util_mm.o
  CC grub_editenv-kern_misc.o
  CC grub_editenv-kern_err.o
  LINK grub-editenv
  CC grub_mkmod-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_mkmod-util_grub_mkmod.o
  CC grub_mkmod-util_misc.o
  CC grub_mkmod-util_obj.o
  CC grub_mkmod-util_obj_pe.o
  CC grub_mkmod-util_obj_elf.o
  CC grub_mkmod-util_obj_macho.o
  CC grub_mkmod-kern_list.o
  LINK grub-mkmod
  CC grub_mkimg-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_mkimg-util_grub_mkimg.o
  CC grub_mkimg-util_misc.o
  CC grub_mkimg-util_obj.o
  CC grub_mkimg-util_obj_pe.o
  CC grub_mkimg-util_obj_elf.o
  CC grub_mkimg-util_obj_macho.o
  CC grub_mkimg-kern_list.o
  LINK grub-mkimg
  CC grub_symdb-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_symdb-util_grub_symdb.o
  CC grub_symdb-util_obj.o
  CC grub_symdb-util_misc.o
  CC grub_symdb-kern_list.o
  LINK grub-symdb
  CC grub_objdump-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_objdump-util_grub_objdump.o
  CC grub_objdump-util_obj.o
  CC grub_objdump-util_misc.o
  CC grub_objdump-util_obj_dump.o
  CC grub_objdump-kern_list.o
  LINK grub-objdump
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-gnulib_getdelim.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-gnulib_getline.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-util_grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-lib_crypto.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-lib_libgcrypt_grub_cipher_sha512.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-lib_pbkdf2.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-util_misc.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-util_mm.o
  CC grub_mkpasswd_pbkdf2-kern_err.o
  LINK grub-mkpasswd-pbkdf2
  CC grub_mkdevicemap-gnulib_progname.o
  CC grub_mkdevicemap-util_grub_mkdevicemap.o
  CC grub_mkdevicemap-util_deviceiter.o
  CC grub_mkdevicemap-util_misc.o
  CC grub_mkdevicemap-util_devicemap.o
  LINK grub-mkdevicemap
  CC grub_probe-gnulib_progname.o
  GEN grub_probe_init.lst
  GEN grub_probe_init.h
  CC grub_probe-util_grub_probe.o
  CC grub_probe-util_hostdisk.o
  CC grub_probe-util_misc.o
  CC grub_probe-util_getroot.o
  CC grub_probe-util_mm.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_device.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_disk.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_err.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_misc.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_parser.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_partition.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_file.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_list.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_affs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_cpio.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_fat.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_ext2.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_hfs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_hfsplus.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_iso9660.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_udf.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_jfs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_minix.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_nilfs2.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_ntfs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_ntfscomp.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_reiserfs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_sfs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_ufs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_ufs2.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_xfs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_afs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_afs_be.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_befs.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_befs_be.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_tar.o
  CC grub_probe-partmap_msdos.o
  CC grub_probe-partmap_bsdlabel.o
  CC grub_probe-partmap_apple.o
  CC grub_probe-partmap_sun.o
  CC grub_probe-partmap_sunpc.o
  CC grub_probe-partmap_gpt.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_fs.o
  CC grub_probe-kern_env.o
  CC grub_probe-fs_fshelp.o
  CC grub_probe-disk_raid.o
  CC grub_probe-disk_mdraid_linux.o
  CC grub_probe-disk_lvm.o
  GEN grub_probe_init.c
  CC grub_probe-grub_probe_init.o
  LINK grub-probe
  CC halt_mod-commands_halt.o
gcc -nostdlib -static-libgcc -m64 -Wl,--build-id=none -Wl,-r,-d -o halt.mod halt_mod-commands_halt.o
  CC libusb_mod-util_usb.o
/home/cruznick/burg/util/usb.c:83:1: error: tipos en conflicto para ‘grub_usb_iterate’
/home/cruznick/burg/include/grub/usb.h:50:5: nota: la declaración previa de ‘grub_usb_iterate’ estaba aquí
make: *** [libusb_mod-util_usb.o] Error 1[/code]

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Best bean (bean123ch) said : #1

You need to create a configuration file for in /etc/default/burg, for example:

GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Arch`

As for burg-emu, perhaps you can try the --disable-grub-emu-usb option in configure.

Benjamin Martinez (cruznick) said : #2

thanks iIalready have that file for confiuration and whith the --disable-grub-emu-usb option burg-emu finally "make" with that solved i manage out the other problem it was that burg cannot acces the files in /boot/burg I don't know why but when changing the line "GRUB_THEME=saved" for any other with a name of a theme i was getting that error so I redownload the files and put them aain in /boot/burg and everything workded thanks again

But i have another question well it's not a question it's a doubt when i do "sudo $HOME/.burg_install/sbin/burg-mkconfig -o /boot/burg/burg.cfg" It don detect archlinux the host installation I solved that adding manually the entrance I think I'm smissing something because I also installed os-prober for other os detection and debian and windows get detected without problems any ideas about this ?

Benjamin Martinez (cruznick) said : #3

Thanks bean, that solved my question.

bean (bean123ch) said : #4

This is a problem with 10_linux script. It looks for boot file vmlinuz-*, initrd-* and initrd.img-*. However, arch linux uses vmlinuz26 and kernel26.img.

Benjamin Martinez (cruznick) said : #5

Ok I 've been trying to fix that but I can't XD if there any idea about why in debian/ubuntu arch gets reconigzed but in arhc it doesn't? and btw I have make I little how to for archlinux it's in spanish but i think some of the comands could be usefull for the wiki for the dependencies

# pacman -S ruby python gettext freetype2

autoconf automake bison flex make gcc are in arch pakage "base-devel" that installed in most installations from the core installation in case not it should be added so the complete comand should be

# pacman -S base-devel ruby python gettext freetype2

for bazzar

# pacman -S bzr

and the dependecies for burg-emu :

# pacman -S ncurses sdl

Hope this help you for the wiki
here is the link for the tutorial in spanish if you want a english version tell me I love your work and I'll be in my best disposition to help
pd: sorry for my english i dont use it that much

bean (bean123ch) said : #7

> Ok I 've been trying to fix that but I can't XD if there any idea about why in debian/ubuntu arch gets reconigzed but in arhc it doesn't?

In debian/ubuntu, arch is the other os and is detected by 30_os-prober. But in arch, it's the current os and is detected by 10_linux. 10_linux is more limited than os-prober and can only detect kernel name vmlinuz-*.

Anakin Starkiller (sunrider) said : #8

You need to install os-prober available in AUR...but the 1.39 version not the 1.38 one...
Here is the PKGBUILD to replace the one provided in AUR :