bos02-arm64-022 builds arm64, armel, and armhf binaries and is owned by Canonical Launchpad Engineering.

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41248536 [building] Building arm64 build of checkbox22-arm64-9228099425 snap package in ubuntu jammy-updates

Started 1 hour, 2 minutes, 15.3 seconds ago.


:: -- Set runtime path of "/build/checkbox22-arm64-9228099425/parts/opencv/install/bin/opencv_visualisation" to "/build/checkbox22-arm64-9228099425/parts/opencv/install/lib"
:: -- Installing: /build/checkbox22-arm64-9228099425/parts/opencv/install/bin/opencv_version
:: -- Set runtime path of "/build/checkbox22-arm64-9228099425/parts/opencv/install/bin/opencv_version" to "/build/checkbox22-arm64-9228099425/parts/opencv/install/lib"
Skipping pull for checkbox-provider-certification-server (already ran)
Skipping build for checkbox-provider-certification-server (already ran)
Staging checkbox-provider-certification-server (required to build 'parts-meta-info')
Building parts-meta-info
:: + snapcraftctl build
:: Warning: use 'craftctl default' to execute the default step handler
:: Users are encouraged to replace 'snapcraftctl' with 'craftctl' and use
:: 'CRAFT_*' environment variables in scriptlets when building snaps based
:: on core22. Please refer to the core22 migration guide for details.
:: + echo checkbox-runtime:
:: + echo 4.0.0-dev287
Building rpi-support-binaries
Skipping stage for version-calculator (already ran)
Skipping stage for fwts (already ran)
Skipping stage for stress-ng (already ran)
Skipping stage for acpi-tools (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-support (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-ng (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-resource (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-base (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-docker (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-tpm2 (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-iiotg (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-sru (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-gpgpu (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-certification-client (already ran)
Skipping stage for checkbox-provider-certification-server (already ran)
Staging checkbox-provider-tutorial
Staging common-config
Staging gnome-randr
Staging lk-boot-env
Staging opencv
Staging parts-meta-info

Builder information

arm64 armel armhf (virtual)
Canonical Launchpad Engineering
This builder is in auto-mode and accepting jobs from the auto-build system.