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Asked by Rick Miller

I need to repair/rebuild the MBR on my laptop(HP 2000). Was looking at the Ubuntu/Linux boot-repair program. It requires an Ubuntu/Linux install so that I can proceed to the "command window". Well, the problem is (and what started all the problems) the laptop won't boot from the USB pendrive or it's CD. So, what good would it do to burn /download to either? Now, my question is--- Should I remove the internal HDD, install in a working comp, then "load" the Ubuntu O.S. I want, then re-install in my laptop? If so, is it certain to "boot" from there? If so, then I should be able to repair the MBR...but what if it doesn't boot the HDD? What's next? I've already reset BIOS to boot from, first the pendrive, then first from the CD and neither worked. Oh, all I get from the laptop is, almost immediately, "BOOTMGR is missing". I'm sure there is a simple, easy repair, but I'm at a loss to what that may be. Would appreciate some help!!

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YannUbuntu (yannubuntu) said :

If you cannot boot on a live-disk (DVD or live-USB), then the only way to use Boot-Repair is to boot onto an Ubuntu (or any other Debian-based distribution) installed on a HDD, and install&run B-R in it.

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Evening YannUbuntu:

   Hey, I appreciate your responding. Haven't I saw you on some of the Ubuntu "boards"? or possibly some of the software???
Anyway, I got a question about you responce. Am I correct in what I need to do is install an Ubuntu/Linux O.S. onto the HDD and it WILL boot? I understand if I can get any O.S. to"boot", I can then run the B-R (boot repair?), I just want to make sure that when I install to HDD, the O.S on the HDD will indeed, boot??? If so, then I should have this problem taken care of in no time.
Thank You:

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YannUbuntu (yannubuntu) said :

I have no idea if it will boot or not, which depends on many parameters, especially if your BIOS cannot boot on DVD /USB, then it might also have issues with boot on HDD...

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Evening Yann and Everyone:

   I did the install and it seems to have cured the MBR problem. Even has cured the problem of not booting the pendrive (haven't tried the CD yet). One problem with the install. I could not get the WiFi to work from the CD. So, I had to plug-in to ethernet and do all the install. As of this posting, laptop is back up and running (for now anyways). So, 2 things here #1 BOOTMGR is MISSING WAS solved by fresh install of O.S. #2 I warn you may not be able to access the WiFi from the CD and if that happens, plug comp into "wired"(ethernet) and run all downloads and upgrades from there. You might want to install and "default" Chromium (or any other browser of your choice) as well...I did because MOZ/FF has had several issues within Ubuntu almost from the beginning.