error after boot-repair now I can not boot new to Linux &ubuntu

Asked by Rik

I am very new to Linux so if you are able to help please keep it as simple as you can. My system failed to boot and gave message "unknown filesystem grub ???" I ran the Ubuntu-Secure-Remix but it stuck on the wallpaper, no icons. I then ran the Boot-Repair-Disk alone. I selected the recommended repair. At the end of the repair, the statement "error" reboot system. Upon reboot, I get another error.
my pastebin is located at--
keep in mind that I am very new at Linux, about 1 month of playing with it. Thank you for your help.

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YannUbuntu (yannubuntu) said :

I am not sure why GRUB fails. (it returns a 126 code error, and your MBR points to sda6 when it should point to sda1, which is strange).
What did you do just before you had the first "unknown filesystem grub" error ?

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Rik (rufn) said :

Thank you for answering my request. I'm not certain what I was doing but I may have disconected a second hdd, I now only have one drive connected and I has 2 earlier. I also installed the latest updates. do you know if that would cause the problem?

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YannUbuntu (yannubuntu) said :

- the disconnection of the second hdd is probably not the cause
- the updates may have included some GRUB updates, so maybe a GRUB regression

I will convert this question into a bug report so that GRUB devs can review it.

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Rik (rufn) said :

Do you think I have a chance to recover my system? Or should I just wipe the disk and re-install Ubuntu.

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Best YannUbuntu (yannubuntu) said :

If i were you, i would:
1) backup my documents
2) reinstall 12.04's system files only (this way:
3) if still not good, try 11.10 or 10.04 or Mint (in this case, please tell me which work and which don't)

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Rik (rufn) said :

Hi YannUbuntu,
I tried the three things you suggested. I did not have any luck with any one of the suggestions. I think the reason I was unable to restore my system has more to do with my lack of knowledge about Ubuntu or your suggestions.
I do have some information for you, After I attempted to restore the system files. My system failed to boot beyond the blank Ubuntu wallpaper. I then tried the Boot Repair program again. This time it generated a menu. When I tried to select my system hung again at the Ubuntu wallpaper screen. When I tried the second choice the recovery and that finished loading and I was able to use the OS. When I looked at the files on the disk My personal files were gone. I then did a reboot and selection one again failed to load beyond the Ubuntu wallpaper page.
In addition to the first question I would also like to add that I did power down (Shut off the system) when the computer hung. I did not know how to exit using the keyboard. I have now learned some key strokes to shutdown. I hope I can avoid damaging my OS again.
I would like to thank you for your help and suggestions. I learned a great deal of information so I did accomplish lot, after all this is a learning experience for me. I completely reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 with success. thanks again Rik

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Rik (rufn) said :

Thanks YannUbuntu, that solved my question.