What are the files deleted regarding « translations » in Ubuntu ?

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I use Ubuntu and Bleach Bit ( from ubuntu repositories ) for some years now - no problem so far.

For some weeks now I have a problem with accented letters in Ubuntu ( unity ) 16.04 → bug #1599516

Why do I talk about that here, may you think ?

Today on a running fine ubuntu 14.04, I've downloaded from bleachbit.org latest Bleachbit version - 1.12 - installed and run it with same settings as I'm used.

I had previously run Bleachbit from ubuntu repositories on this machine so I did not expect to find much to clean. There were some though. And my bad I did not really pay attention to the list…

…and since that very moment I have the same problem with accented letters in ubuntu 14.04 as in 16.04.

So - maybe ! - a useful file for unity get deleted, regarding locale or translation - my system is in french fr_FR.UTF-8 ?

Hence the question : What are the files deleted regarding « translations » in Ubuntu ?

or… is there any record of last actions done through bleachbit / bleachbit as admin ?

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Coeur Noir (coeur-noir) said :

Herunder the bleachbit.ini used by root :

auto_hide = True
auto_start = False
check_beta = False
check_online_updates = True
shred = False
first_start = False
version = 1.12
hashsalt = 8a47613cf3b65ee6de192efc73eede5ea9f92b357138ec0a2d5e9f80a1256cae60e8f534eeb69ae2baeb04e9a2e97703f42ef8f5fa01f857454886fb8941befc
exit_done = False
delete_confirmation = True
units_iec = False


0 = /root
1 = /tmp

fr = True

deepscan.ds_store = True
deepscan = True
deepscan.tmp = True
deepscan.thumbs_db = True
apt = True
apt.autoclean = True
apt.autoremove = True
apt.clean = True
system = True
system.rotated_logs = True
system.desktop_entry = True
system.tmp = True
system.clipboard = True
system.localizations = True
kde = True
kde.tmp = True
kde.recent_documents = True
kde.cache = True
system.cache = True

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Coeur Noir (coeur-noir) said :