Use more diectory to import music?

Asked by Gusions on 2011-06-07

I love BeatBox i'm trying to imagine some new ideas to improve user experience. I thought a thing:

· Will be possible to use more directory to import music?

Will be a fantastic feature!

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Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #1

This will not be in beatbox. It was at one point, but we found it to be too confusing and took it out. Where does imported music get copied too? Where is the music organized?

Steve G. (sgo.ger) said : #2

1) Imported music get's copied to your main directory. Which should be by default your Music folder, but is changeable if so desired.

2) I don't know what you mean with "where is the music organized".

Dropping this feature is not a good idea. What happens to people with limited disk space and/or external drives with their music library on it? I for example have music i always want to have with me on my laptop in my Music folder and everything else on my external drive. But when I'm at home, I want to see the music from both libraries. This is just one case where it makes sense and is EXTREMELY useful to have this feature. I would think about it again and am willing to help with ideas if you think it there has to be a better way to handle this. But please reconsider it.

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #3

Ok, so what you do is you set your "main directory" like you normally would. Then, to include other directories, you do "import to library" with copying imported music preference set to off, and you can include as many other directories as you want.

Steve G. (sgo.ger) said : #4

Can I change this setting for every case or would I be not able anymore to import music with the "copying imported music"-preference? Because, at least in my case, I do want to import some music, but don't want to import my entire music collection on my external HDD. And as I understand this preference, it won't be possible to import music automagically to my main music folder that way AND have my external HDD connected/in the music library.

Can't it be possible to have a main directory, where all the music is imported/copied to and add some more directories with more music? It doesn't necessarily have to be confusing. You could provide us with an extra button that says something like "Add further music sources" or something like that!

Well, in the end it's all up to you devs, but simplicity doesn't have to mean that you have to leave out really useful features.

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