What do you think of the new Filter View?

Asked by Scott Ringwelski on 2011-06-02

The new Filter View is ready for some opinions, let me know what you think here!

Also, please note a few things:

1. In the future, clicking on an album will show the normal list of all songs in that album
2. In the future, you will switch between list view and filter view in a more intuitive way, not how it is now.

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Showed info are not correct, for a song using FilterView I see:
In Music I see:
Album: Instrumental
Year: 2011
Genre: Hip hop

Also actually it shows album reading the Artist field but what about compilatons?
Album 1 contains:
Song 1: First song
Artist 1: First artist
Song 2: Second song
Artist 2: Second artist
FilterView shows two times Album 1.

Also covers are not showed.

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #2

1) Ah, yes. That will be fixed.

2) That is a good question. As long as they are grouped by artists, I don't see a fix for that. The only fix would be to not group by artist and just show all the albums.

3) Covers are shown if you have it. Still working on adding a default cover image.

For now, I'm just looking for opinions on the concept.

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #3

Reopened question

2) Yes, albums should be showed
3) If I open an mp3 with totem I can see the cover I set using (for example) iTunes, how does it work?

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #5


Gusions (gusions) said : #6

Fantastic, love it!

Steve G. (sgo.ger) said : #7

Concept is great I think! This concept replaces my need for a FolderView. I Like to browse visually through my music library sometimes.

But I would highly recommend to sort it again by Artist. That was just great and organized. The way it is now, just show all albums has no real value. To work around the compilation issue, you could simply sort by album-artist. For compilations, this is usually Various Artists. And/or you could sort it by tags. I think there's something like a Compilation genre tag or something like that.
A big variable hereby are the future features of beatbox regarding the consistency and quality of the tags of the music files. Will beatbox support tagging your files? Will it support to import files from CD (and tag these files) and online stores? etc