Automatic Artist Sort? (Beatles, The) etc.

Asked by Joel Wood on 2011-05-22

Will BeatBox have automatic artist sorting? This seems like a very big step towards usability. I haven't actually tested BeatBox, as I'm still running Maverick, but I think that and automatic artist sort would be excellent.

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Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #1

I am not sure what you are asking.

Joel Wood (joel-wood55) said : #2

For example, if I were to put an album by, lets say, The Strokes. It would be very beneficial for both organization within BeatBox as well as with sync'ed devices (in the future) to classify The Strokes under the "S" artists, rather than in the "T" section of the library when displayed in alphabetical order.

Most commercial music players already have this feature, but I understand that this is polish and perhaps not of highest importance in BeatBox's current state of development. I just know that the whole elementary project is to create simple, clean, and usable applications. This feature could save a lot of headache.

Joel Wood (joel-wood55) said : #3

Also, automatic artist sort would apply to artist whose name start with an "A". Hence, "A Tribe Called Quest" would be sorted as "Tribe Called Quest, A", with the other artists whose name starts with "T".

Right now in Rhythmbox, I have some of my songs by The Velvet Underground are in the "T" section, instead of the "V" section where this makes sense.

Again this sort of feature just shows a lot of polish and anintent on making the user experience as simple and stress-free as possible.

Joel Wood (joel-wood55) said : #4

Should I just submit this as a bug?

I think one of the challenges with this is when the app is translated into different languages and you have a lot of different ways of saying 'the' or 'a'. I got around this by just renaming the metadata of all of my artists to 'Artists, the' using EasyTag. If it's not that big of a deal I too would love to see this, but what would the issues be of just renaming the metadata to artists? I suppose one would be that normal users wouldn't do that... they would just want to rip their music and go.

Joel Wood (joel-wood55) said : #6

Exactly. Also many others wouldn't want to see artists displayed in their music collection with their names backwards. I do see the complictations brought about by other languages, yet despite this, I think this is a feature BeatBox should go for even if it is featured only in an English version first.

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #7

The idea of simply taking "The " and "A " off of the beginning would be a possible implementation, but how would one differentiate when and when not tot do that? For example "The Velvet Underground"?

One thing to think about is speed vs. power. You can't have both in this case. The more checks you make and the fancier you make the sorting algorithm, the slower it gets.

Joel Wood (joel-wood55) said : #8

I think that taking "The" and "A" off is a sufficient sorting method. In iTunes, for example, The Velvet Underground is sorted with the V's, and it never struck me as odd. It could be possible though, to over ride the automatic sorting in the same menu you would edit the id3 data for a song.

Scott Ringwelski (sgringwe) said : #9

Will possibly remove "The " and "A " when sorting. Will not add checks to specific songs.

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