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Asked by Thomas Ward on 2011-03-11

I'm attempting to achieve making this into a .deb installer. I will personally monitor this thread, however I am the only one currently authorized by aj00200 (the original developer) to pursue the .deb creation. Updates will be in this thread.

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Thomas Ward (teward) said : #1

Initial .deb failed.

Second set of .debs worked, but there's an issue with how the bot runs after .deb installation.

Will try to fix later.

aj00200 (aj00200) said : #2

When you show up today, let me know. I will install the latest deb and see if I can figure out exactly what the problem is.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #3

RE: bbot-alpha-deb.deb -->

Issue narrowed down to execution of the BBot process.

Issue Specifics: User must be in the /opt/bbot/ folder via terminal in order for the process to detect the config file stored in the same directory. This bug is inherent to the Python program (to the best of my knowledge). The .deb executes fine, the scripts run appropriately, files are extracted to the correct locations, etc.

Source of Defunct:; /usr/bin/bbot -> /opt/bbot/

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #4

Bazaar branch created under the BBot project, owned by myself. DO NOT ADD TO THIS BRANCH WITHOUT TALKING TO ME FIRST! It is built with the 6.2.x versions of BBot, and is HIGHLY experimental. Any important changes (including the source code included in the build of the .deb) will be uploaded to the bazaar branch.

aj00200 (aj00200) said : #5

Until I get Bugzilla working with Launchpad, I can not link the bug in the normal way. A bug for this does exist in Bugzilla (created my be earlier this morning). You can find it here:

This will allow the config file and modules to be read out of the users home directory on Linux. This feature is a blocking bug for the 7.0.0 release. That should hopefully fix your problem.

I will check out the latest deb file in a minute.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #6

****** EXPERIMENTAL ****** PPA for the debs is located at:

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #7

debian packages moved to PPAs for the Core Developers group and the Debian Maintainers group.