How do I install new awn themes?

Asked by Vignesh

After finding out that the current version of awn doesn't seem to install new themes, how would I exactly do just that?
I have absolutely no idea how to manually install themes for awn. Go easy, since I am a total noob at awn, and have only known it for a matter of 12 hours (though it will probably be longer than that by the time I find out how to install the themes :-D)

Thanks in advance

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Mark Lee (malept) said :

Could you please explicitly state which version of Awn you're using?

Technically speaking, the latest stable version of Awn is, whereas the latest beta version of Awn is 0.3.9.

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Vignesh (vignesh-uses-ubuntu-deactivatedaccount) said :

I'm using the beta version

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Mark Lee (malept) said :

As it is extremely new, there probably aren't many (if any at all) themes available. When you do find one:

1. Download it to your computer. Make sure the file extension is ".awn-theme".
2. Open the "Dock Preferences" via the dock's context menu.
3. Select the "Themes" pane.
4. Click on the "Install..." button.
5. Select the theme file from the file system.

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Naftuli Kay (naftulikay) said :

Since there aren't many existing themes out there which support the latest AWN, how do we make them? Is there a spec posted somewhere? I'd be glad to port a few over, especially the wood and glass ones. Also, is there a way to have patterned backgrounds for AWN still? It seems like this functionality isn't available. I would very much appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction so I can help the community out :)

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moonbeam (rcryderman) said :


1) No spec is posted atm.
2) The theme format will probably change a bit more before a final release. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that themes created using the current beta might work on release.
3) Pattern support has hit trunk. Not sure if it's enabled in the latest ppa. In either case it's not available through awn-settings yet, it should be soon.
4) To create a new them you need to go into awn-settings, got to themes, select an existing theme, edit, then export it under a different name (note you need to fill in all three info fields when creating a new theme). We really do need a "new" button in the theme editor IMO.
5) AFAIK we the theme editor uses a tar.gz format.

Given 2) I'm not sure if it would be a good thing to have themes too widely posted. If you do make a theme at this point please only post to the awn forums or something similar where the theme can easily be marked as incompatible if we do break compatibility before the release.

I'll point some of those more involved in the theme code in this direction to see if they feel any clarifications need to be made.

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Naftuli Kay (naftulikay) said :

I guess I'll just keep an eye out for when pattern support hits the settings manager. As soon as pattern support is available, it shouldn't be too hard to just migrate the themes for my own purposes. I'll look around in the forums to see if I can find any themes that work with the trunk. Thanks!

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Vignesh (vignesh-uses-ubuntu-deactivatedaccount) said :

oohhhh, right, so the theme has to be for the beta... that makes sense now. Thanks guys!