is awn still being actively developed?

Asked by exleper on 2011-08-02

im just wondering if awn is still actively developed, the reason i ask is firstly that im newish to launchpad and find it hard to navigate and find any info, and the latest release is over a year old, plus the forum seems to be mostly spam

and im just looking for an alternative to unity (which i hate) and gnome3(which i hate) and kde(which i partly like and partly hate)

so in short, is awn still being developed and can i rely on it still being around in 5 years time?

thanks :)

ps, is there anything that has a gnome2 style taskbar (apart from gnome2) i cant really cope with the dock launcher/taskmanager approach

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moonbeam (rcryderman) said :

It's been very quiet recently.

Myself, I've been overwhelmed with other things but as of this week I'm anticipationg 6-8hrs a week of dev time for awn for at least a month or two:-) That being said I don't think anyone can guarantee anything, but I wouldn't preclude longterm development picking back up.

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exleper (exleper) said :

thanks for the answer man

would be a shame if awn died, it looks really great in so many ways (altho not perfect)

i cant understand why ubuntu decided to go with their own thing when awn and others are so superior already and are there readymade to be used, after all they did go with compiz and not something entirely new.

anyway u answered my question. i was read to permanently disable the unity plugin in compiz and go with an awn desktop, but i want something that i can be certain will still be there in say 5 years...dunno what to do, gnome2 ruled imho

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Mahdi Fattahi (mfat) said :

AWN is great. Please don't let it die :(

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greg one (greg1) said :

i found it very nice too, i will try to implement simple autohide mode as per registered blueprint, let see how we go