Custom width of AWN bar

Asked by Dmitriy V. Davydov

Is it possible to make width of AWN bar expand not on 100%, but say 80%-90%?
Or perhaps to make it custom fixed width? May be with use of Compiz or so.
If not, then could you consider this option for future development? The problem is, if it
expanded to 100%, when you try to scroll the window with mouse by clicking on down arrow
at bottom-right corner of the window (let's say Firefox), sometimes (or many times) AWN
would pop up and it's kind of disturbing. But if it's expanded say 90%, then there would be
a small gap not letting AWN to pop up when trying to scroll the window.

Thank you in advance.

Love AWN, nice work! Keep it up!

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Dmitriy V. Davydov
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onox (onox) said :

I don't think there's currently the possibility to set the width to a fixed size (except 100%). One thing you can do is open awn-settings (right click on the dock, then choose "Dock Preferences"), then go to the "Advanced" tab, and there make sure that "Clickthrough" is set to 1 and then hold Ctrl while you want to interact with Firefox, or set to 2 to always interact with Firefox and hold Ctrl to interact with panel.

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Dmitriy V. Davydov (idavid2013) said :

Thank you for respond. Actually your answer just gave me an idea to check one thing in "Advanced" tab of AWN Dock Preferences.

And it worked:
   1) Make sure the "Force monitor mode" is checked
   2) Set desired "Monitor width" (let say I have 1280 my screen's resolution width, so I set it to 1240)
   3) Set "Monitor X-Offset" (in example given above I set it to 20 = (1280-1240)/2
   4) Go to "Preferences" tab and check "Expand the panel" (if checked, then uncheck it and check again for changes to take effect)

Ready (My AWN Dock is expanded on 1240 of width and 20 at each side are empty space)

Hope this will be helpful to someone else out there!

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onox (onox) said :

Hehe, you're abusing settings that shouldn't even exist :) Best thing would be that Awn gets support for fixed width less than 100% (100% = "Expand the panel")

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Dmitriy V. Davydov (idavid2013) said :

I don't mind to wait for the support of fixed width, but for now would "abuse" the settings.
Not that I like abusing, but if there's another way to achieve it at this moment I would be
happy to do so.