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Asked by LiFeleSs on 2007-09-27

i want to ask what merge means, i'm italian and the licteral translation means an union of two project, but what i want to know is... they are dinamically merged (every time some one alter awn-core also awn-curve have this modification) or statically (every change need a merge of the projects) ?

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Andrew Starr-Bochicchio
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master5o1 (iam5o1) said : #1

combine, join together. add. so for awn-curve to be merged with awn-core means that what ever has been made in awn-curve will be combined with awn-core.

master5o1 (iam5o1) said : #2

--- ps. I think it would be that awn-curve stops, and awn-core gets what ever awn-curve had that made it "awn-curve" .. If that, somewhat makes sense :P

LiFeleSs (lifeless85) said : #3

so this is not an automatic process, this should be done from time to time ?

Yes, this is done time to time manually by the awn curves developers. So, if you stay up to date with awn-curves you will also receive the changes made to awn-core. Sometimes it will take a few days for some thing to make it in though.

Eventually the two projects will be combined, once some more of the bugs are worked out of awn-curves.

LiFeleSs (lifeless85) said : #5

ok, understood, i think i'll be sticky with the curve-one i saw that is more frequently updated, and i love the curve look ;)