How do I control the font used by helpers for set_message()?

Asked by Erigami on 2010-11-24

I'd like to enlarge the text appearing on app icons (as the result of a call to set_message()). What setting controls that?

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moonbeam (rcryderman) said : #1

Assuming you're using > 0.4.0 (this does not apply to earlier)

Don't use set_message... it's a stub that I expect will be removed - I think the only reason it hasn't been yet is simply due to it being overlooked.

What you probably want to do is create an OverlayText object for your icon. Possible applets to refer to...

python: weather, bandwidth
vala: releated (uses an overlay but it's not a text overlay).
C: sysmon

There may be clearer examples but looking at my screen those are the ones that jump out at me at the moment.

Erigami (erigami) said : #2

set_message() is specified by the dockmanager API (, so I hope it won't be removed any time soon. :-)

moonbeam (rcryderman) said : #3

Sorry. Misread your question... thought you were asking about an libawn function.

I don't believe we include the ability for helpers to change the font size. And while not being one of the principles involved in the dockmanager api design I expect that was intentional.

Erigami (erigami) said : #4

No prob.

I'm actually asking as a user, I don't want to change the size programmatically, I just want to be able to make the text on my dock bigger (ie, with a setting in some part of the GUI).

moonbeam (rcryderman) said : #5

Ah. at the moment there is no way to do so with taskmanager. But it's something that I have been thinking about.

Erigami (erigami) said : #6

Is there some default that it uses? I have a couple of machines running AWN, and one of them has a pleasantly large font, and the other one seems too small.

Best moonbeam (rcryderman) said : #7

You'd need to modify the source. The window counter uses AWN_FONT_SIZE_LARGE and helper overlays use either AWN_FONT_SIZE_LARGE or AWN_FONT_SIZE_MEDIUM depending of if "badge" is set or not.


Erigami (erigami) said : #8

Thanks moonbeam, that solved my question.