How do I use AWN's config/preferences framework from python?

Asked by Erigami on 2010-11-24

I'm trying to write an applet for AWN. I'd like to use the config framework provided by AWN/desktopagnostic, but whenever I try to initialize the configuration framework (with awn.config_get_default_for_applet()), I get the following exception:

** ( CRITICAL **: config-schema.vala:171: The file '/usr/share/avant-window-navigator/schemas/awn-applet-more-mon.schema-ini' could not be found.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/erigami/.config/awn/applets/more_mon/", line 302, in <module>
    applet = MoreMonApplet(awn.uid, awn.panel_id)
  File "/home/erigami/.config/awn/applets/more_mon/", line 225, in __init__
    self.config = awn.config_get_default_for_applet(self)
glib.GError: A (valid) schema file was not given.

My questions:
1. I'm bundling my applet as a tarball. Where should I put the .schema-ini?
2. How do I tie widgets created in Glade with the config keys?

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Erigami (erigami) said : #1


Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #2

Taken from our IRC channel:

<moonbeam> I forget what the behaviour is if the schema-ini is shipped in a local installed applet.
<mhr3> it wont work
 the awn_config funcs don't search home dir
 and there might be some lda gconf backend issue
 preventing it to work properly
<moonbeam> ah. and gconf schema wouldn't be installed either.
<mhr3> for one you're surely not able to install the schema
 so basically we don't support that, right?!
 ie. if you want config, get into official extras :)
<moonbeam> mhr3, or make a proper installation.

Erigami (erigami) said : #3

Boo! I ended up installing lda-schema-to-gconf, then manually installing the .schema file as root. But that's a PITA and prevents folks from distributing the .tar.gz for testing. =(

Erigami (erigami) said : #4

Oh, wait, there's still part (2) of the question: How do I tie widgets created in Glade with the config keys?

Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #5

Take a look at awn-settings/, or there's a similar functionality in the python wrapper of libawn.

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