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Asked by cbf305 on 2010-10-18

Can a restore delay option be added to the Intellihide option? By that I mean when the dock is hidden by a full screen app, and you go to use something that is very close to the bottom in the app, the dock pops up if you move the mouse a sliver to far. It's very annoying because then you're clicking on the dock instead of the item intended. Can a configurable delay be added so that the mouse has to be at the bottom of the screen (or what ever edge you have the dock on) for X number of seconds before the dock is visible. I'd say the option should accept at least one decimal place, that way it can be configurable to a tenth of a second. Even a slider that would go from 0-3 seconds in increments of 0.1 seconds would work.


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Best jstfaking (jstfaking) said : #1

There is a delay for this, but it isn't visible in the Awn Settings window. You can open gconf-editor and go to avant-window-navigator. Somewhere there you can find an delay option. Awn isn't installed on this computer so I can't be more precise.

cbf305 (john-fano) said : #2

There is hide_delay and mouse_poll_delay in /apps/avant-window-navigator/panels. I played with those values a bit and that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Evan Nelson (ean5533) said : #3

Are those gconf values truly respected by awn 0.4.1?

I've tried setting hide_delay to small numbers like 0 and 1, but the panel still takes about a half second to hide. However, if I set hide_delay to a large number (like 5000) then it does indeed take about five seconds for the panel to auto-hide.

The mouse_poll_delay doesn't appear to work at all. I can set it to any value between 0 and 10000 and the panel still appears after roughly half a second.

Evan is right.

I think mouse polling is the interval between times AWN checks mouse position.

I find if I'm at the beginning of the interval, it delays.
If at the end, the dock just pops up right away.

The hide_delay is opposite: how long before it hides after mouse left.

It needs unhide_delay: how long before appearing after mouse pointer arrives.