Separate tasks from launchers?

Asked by Mack Richards on 2007-09-03

Would it be possible in the future to separate the tasks from the launchers? I want to use AWN just for launchers, without having it show my running tasks. Thanks!

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Maybe in the future.

Someone has already filed a Blueprint, but it doesn't seem like anyone is working on it yet:

Thanks andrewsomething, that solved my question.

avdzm (alecos85) said : #3

Ah, I was looking for this too.
It's a shame the previous version allowed this,
I would have like to separate my launchers from my current applications.
Like i do from the applets and applications.
anyhow, I still love 0.4...

Mark Lee (malept) said : #4

But the previous version did *not* allow least, not in the default taskmanager/launcher applet.

The 0.4 series taskmanager applet does contain a mode which handles launchers only, not tasks.

avdzm (alecos85) said : #5

Ok, maybe i have mistaken task. Please define what is a task...

I am looking for a way to separate the launchers from my application.
is this possible with 0.4?

moonbeam (rcryderman) said : #6

It's possible to use the taskmanager in a launcher only mode. And it's possible to have it handle just applications.

But you currently cannot have two separate taskmanager instances... one running as launcher only and the other managing application windows. This is on my list of things to do, it'll probably be done relatively early in the post 0.4 dev cycle.