If only Gnome-panel applets worked in Awn!...

Asked by trusktr on 2010-06-16

It'd be awesome be able to add any gnome-panel applets to awn (rather than porting them over).

For this reason i have not migrated to awn otherwise I would!

I need to use these applets: Sticky Notes, Tomboy (already ported, but not as neat), Swimming Fish, DeskBar, and System Monitor (The gnome-panel version).

Perhaps it can be done by making an AWN applet similar to "Launcher/TaskBar" but instead of having launchers, it'd have Gnome Applets that you can select via the AWN applet's preferences!

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Mark Lee (malept) said :

Pretty much the reason why this hasn't occurred is because it's hard to do correctly. GNOME's panel uses a really old and obsolete way to embed applets into the panel (Bonobo). We're certainly not willing to add a hard dependency on that just so people can add applets to the dock (we'd get a whole lot of complaints from non-GNOME users). Xfce has a third party applet that allows users to add GNOME panel applets to their panel, but it's rather unstable. (About half of the time, it would freeze/crash on me.)

If you can find a developer who's willing to write a stable applet that implements this, we would gladly review it for inclusion into Awn Extras.

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trusktr (trusktr) said :

Well, I've noticed that some AWN applets don't work untill you have added the proper python libraries.

Perhaps Bonobo can be an optional requirement in case someone wants to install (or already has, like me) bonobo. :D

The AWN applet could be called the "Gnome Panel Applet" available to people who optionally choose bonobo!

I think it'd be awesome. It would definitely be convenient to Gnome users. I'm not sure how KDE works, but there could also be another applet akin to "KDE Panel Applet" that would require optional KDE-only dependancies.

Of course, including Bonobo as a requirement with AWN would be a little much. just make it optional!

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Mark Lee (malept) said :

I should probably have emphasized two things:

 * implementations for other panels are not very stable,
 * The current Awn/Awn Extras developers have little to no interest in this (partly because of the prior reasons).

And again, we welcome contributions to Awn Extras for applets which add compatibility for applets from other systems.

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trusktr (trusktr) said :


Maybe someday I'll be able to contribute. I'm still earning c/c++ :)

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