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Asked by cbf305

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04. During the latest update the AWN Volume Control applet is showing a really ugly icon. It's a very dark speaker with blue volume lines. It only is goofed up when I use the ubuntu-mono-dark or ubuntu-mono-light icon themes. If I switch to the other ones it shows that icon theme's correct volume control icon. It's been a couple weeks since my last update so this one was almost 300 updates. It was fine before the update, but after the reboot it was goofed up. I have the applet set to use the system theme. I have a screenshot of the bad icon if there is a place I can email it to.

I understand that 10.04 isn't released yet, but I just wanted to pass this on.

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onox (onox) said :

You can upload images to imageshack.us. Is it something like this http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/8416/volumeuglylowresicon.png ? A low-res icon? Volume Control just uses the Awn themed icons API.

moonbeam, do you have any idea what's going on?

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moonbeam (rcryderman) said :

Possibly an issue with the icon theme, possibly a change in the icon naming (there's a fair amount of renaming of icons going on in Gnome atm_, possibly an issue with the gtk icon theme handling in AwnThemedIcon. My guess is number 2. If someone has a link to the icon theme (I am not using Debian) then please provide it.

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moonbeam (rcryderman) said :

Meant to say I _am_ using Debian (so I don't like to install from Ubuntu repos).

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cbf305 (john-fano) said :

It's similar to that icon.

Here is what I have now. This is true for both of my machines:


Here is what it used to/should look like, just larger:


I would be happy to try renaming, moving, etc...icons to test things if you need.


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cbf305 (john-fano) said :

The two new Ubuntu themes have removed the scalable folder from the themes. So AWN is just picking up some default icons, that I have yet to find. So I created a theme folder in /usr/share/avant-window-navigator/applets/volume-control/themes called Light. I created a scalable folder and put in the 5 icons (audio-volume-high-panel.svg ... audio-volume-muted-panel.svg). Since there are only 4 scaled options plus muted, I just made several copies of each icon and renamed them to match the scheme in the Black and Minimal theme folders. The I edited the index.theme file and just changed the name to Light since I am using the Ubuntu-Mono-Dark theme and they are light icons. I restarted AWN and voila, I had a new theme available in the properties. It also behaves as expected when I change the volume and mute. You can download my theme from here:


While this is not a fix, it does get me by for now. Maybe you can work with the Ubuntu theme devs on a solution?

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