The need of HAL

Asked by Birger J. Nordølum on 2010-04-14


First of all, AWN is truly an amazing piece of software. And I would love to be able to use it.

However, after I completely removed HAL last week , and that HAL is atm. deprecated, I were hoping to see that AWN moved to became a HAL-less software.

If, however this is already the case, I apologize. Since I use Arch Linux, the package pulls GnomeVFS, which in turn pulls HAL.

Read something about that GnomeVFS were now also deprecated, and developers were to rely on GVFS and GIO. Is this considered?


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@gilir: Could you fix this please, seems like battery applet recommends HAL, but it can use ubuntu's upower now...
Best Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #1

Awn itself doesn't depend on gnome-vfs, and there is only one applet in Awn-extras that does (stacks), so it should be fairly trivial to not build it.

Thank you :)

The package maintainer has updated it to not include it as well.

Zwulf (zwulf) said : #3

AWN still needs HAL. :(

I truely love AWN, but now I use Docky instead, because I won't install HAL (which slows down system a lot here) only for a dock. It makes me sad because I do not really feel well with Docky and it's missing support for a start menu, DockbarX and even Indicators/Tray (and the clock really sucks in digital mode without date). It would be really nice if you get that stacks applet (which I never use and don't know anyone using it) or whatever causes this HAL dependency out ouf the regular installation (means out of extras) or rewrite it without need for HAL.

Thx a lot.

Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #4

Stacks applet was fixed to not use gnome-vfs about 5 months ago, so no, there's nothing requiring HAL.

Zwulf (zwulf) said : #5

Just try it yourself! In Ubuntu Maverick it is NOT possible to install AWN without HAL. It pulls many dependencies like hal, hal-info, libhal-storage1, etc.
If it's not stacks applet it must be another one, even in trunk. Look at the screenie:

Thx for your help. :)

Julien Lavergne (gilir) said : #6

Battery was the last applet which need HAL. There is a udisk backend in trunk which will replace the HAL backend, and the need to have it. But Maverick package still have only the HAL backend.

Zwulf (zwulf) said : #7

I hope this will change soon, miss it very much. But now that I know that it's gonna change the waiting time is much easier to bare... ;)

Sergio Schneider (spsf) said : #8

It is not solved...
I can't install AWN without HAL
Hope it gets fixed

Zwulf (zwulf) said : #9

Fixed. Many thanks! :)
Sergio, just use the ppa / version from trunk.