Multiple networks management and different admin roles

Asked by Andrea Grandi on 2011-02-05

Hi all,

I was building a wifi solution for a local community, using Wifidog. In these days I discovered that all development efforts have been directed to this new project, and I'd like to adopt it, but there are some missing feature:

- how can I manage multiple networks? For example I'd like to be able to have "XXX_WIFI_***" and "YYY_WIFI_***" access points that use different accounts. With Wifidog this is possible, is it possible with Authpuppy too?

- in our project we don't want people to be able to create an account, because we want to give wifi account only to people who join our association, so we need to manually create the accounts. I can hide the registration button, but I need to define some roles for "account managers". In particular I want to give some people a "user admin account" and these people must not be able to admin server, plugins ecc..... how can I solve this? At the moment only admin and user accounts are available.

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gbastien (gbastien02) said : #1

Hi Andrea,

Multiple networks support is not yet available on AuthPuppy. We haven't yet designed a blueprint for it, but it is a requirement for other groups too, so it should be implemented hopefully soon.

About users not being able to create an account, it is an option of the apAuthLocalUserPlugin. If you go in "manager plugins", and click on the apAuthLocalUserPlugin, the first option is "Allow signup". You may uncheck it and the Create an account option will no longer be available on signin page.

As for different kinds of accounts, there is already 2 groups with different permissions on the AuthPuppy install. If you need some more granular permissions, you may create new permissions and groups through the users menu (not local users, but admin users). Then you would need to go in the code and change the permissions required for certain menu elements. The built-in ones can be found in apps/frontend/modules/home/templates/_menubar.php. The ones for the plugins are usually in the plugin's directory lib/apPluginNameMain.php

Andrea Grandi (andreagrandi) said : #2

Hi, thanks for the reply!

I've to say that this AuthPuppy is very promising and easier to admin (I've only gave a look at the demo on your website) than WifiDog.

About admin permission, I gave a look at the code you told me:

Well... this SCARES me a lot!

"FIXME Even though a user needs to be super admin to see those links, someone can still navigate to it if he knows the url"

You mean that the difference between admin and user is the possibility to see a link? Am I wrong? This is not secure at all and I think it should have #1 priority to be fixed as soon as possible.

Andrea Grandi (andreagrandi) said : #3

I confirm the bug:

- I logged in as admin/admin
- created "12345" test user (with admin rights)
- created "user1" test user (with NO admin rights)
- I logged out
- logged in again with user1
- I was able to DELETE "12345" user.

gbastien (gbastien02) said : #4

You are perfectly right, thanks for reminding us! That totally skipped my mind...

Will correct this bug ASAP.

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