Audio Recorder works, but records only silence

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I installed audio-recorder on my KUBUNTU 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) with KDE-PLASMA-VERSION 5.4.2, Qt-Version 5.2, Kernel-Version 4.2.0-16-generic and 64bit. Details of the installation as follows:

Package name: audio-recorder
Package version: 1.7-5
Installation prefix: /usr
Executable name: /usr/bin/audio-recorder
Pixmap location: /usr/share/pixmaps/audio-recorder/
Desktop file: /usr/share/applications/audio-recorder.desktop
Icon location: /usr/share/audio-recorder/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/
Package data location: /usr/share/audio-recorder/
Language locale directory: /usr/share/locale/
System languages are: de, C,

Everything works fine, I want to use "audio-recorder" mainly to record SKYPE-Calls for Radio-Interviews, i.e. it starts recording when i start a call, but...all the recordings are empty, there is no sound in them. I tried this with recording VLC-Player and other sound sources - and it happens all the same.

My questions:
1) Is "audio-recorder" compatible with KDE ?
2) If so, what do I do wrong that I do not capture any sound while recording? I tried everything in pavucontrol settings etc. I like your program so much, but still it does not record anything...any suggestions what could be the problem?

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moma (osmoma) said :

Audio-recorder is a program that uses the GTK3 toolkit and Gstreamer audio framework.
GTK3 programs should also run on KDE-desktops. I have never seen or tested audio-recorder on KDE.
KDE may have its own recording programs?

Maybe audio-recorder is using a wrong device (audio source).

Start audio-recorder.
Use the [Show cmd]-button to show the recording command in clear text.
Goto [Additional settings] --> Recording commands --> [Show cmd].

Please run the recording command in a terminal window.
Use the pactl tool to find a correct input device.

Here is an example command.
Replace the xxxxxx with correct device (or remove the device=xxxxxxx argument all together).

gst-launch-1.0 -e pulsesrc device=xxxxxxxxxx \
! queue \
! audioresample ! audioconvert \
! audio/x-raw,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lamemp3enc name=enc target=0 quality=2 ! xingmux ! id3mux \
! filesink location=test.mp3

I hope this helps you to find out if Gstreamer (and gst-launch commands) run on your system.

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