Where does Audio Recorder remember settings?

Asked by L a r r y on 2013-10-04

I have Audio Recorder installed on Ubuntu 12.04, on a Desktop with different user accounts. I have been using one account to record Stereo Mix off the sound card output, to create audio files of a Morse code generator, which I upload to my web site.

Somewhere along the way, something got scrambled and I no longer can record "stereo mix" off the sound card. Removed the software, ran the Ubuntu Tweak Janitor and reinstalled, but the software still remembers the last file name I used and still does not record a "stereo mix." I have repeated the process, but before reinstallation, I logged out and logged back in to the user account.

In that "Somewhere along the way," I have had Firefox freeze everything but motion of the mouse cursor and been forced to power down and reboot. I have been through the second option on the boot menu, whatever it's called, to do a Clean-up and to do a FSCK. That repaired damage to the filesystem, reset the clock because of hardware clock being off, and recovered the journal.

Meanwhile, I switch to another account and run audio-recorder for the first time there, and everything is like new. Everything works.

This tells me the settings are kept in the user's home, so my Question is: Where do I look and what do I look for?

AN ADDED NOTE: I can select and record off the microphone instead of the sound card output, and the microphone recording is good.

Thank you!

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moma (osmoma) said : #1

You can reset the settings by giving the --reset argument. Like this
$ audio-recorder --reset
But I do not remember in which version of A.r this argument was introduced.

Check the About-dialog and [Installation settings] form. It provides some additional information. You can also start dconf-editor (or gconf-editor in the older versions) and browse to /apps/audio-recorder/, where you can alter the settings.

You may also use Gsettings directly. Like this
$ gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.audio-recorder

$ gsettings reset-recursively org.gnome.audio-recorder

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #2

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moma (osmoma) said : #3

I hope your question has been answered & problem solved.

L a r r y (l-m-kuck) said : #4

Thank you7 Mona for your reply.

 I will have to try that reset command when I get my computer back up and running -- had a hard drive begin to fail.

Thank yo again.