Differences between ARToolkit and ARToolkitPlus

Created by Pavel Rojtberg
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Pavel Rojtberg

ARToolkit is the first openly available augmented reality library. It is still being developed. ARToolkitplus is a fork of it which is not developed anymore. This project tries to continue the work of ARToolkitPlus.
So why did I decided to continue ARToolkitPlus and not ARToolkit? This brings us to the differences.

advantages of ARToolkitPlus:
* cleaned up the code and ported it to C++ which makes it easier to maintain
* has an advanced pose estimation algorithm, which never was ported back
* has split out the OpenGL dependand parts, which makes the library also usable with OpenGL ES or D3D
* usable with any 3D Engine
* supports id based markers, which neither has been ported back

advantages of ARToolkit:
* integrated with the open scene graph engine (OSGART project)