Impossible to create starter in Ubuntu 20.04

Asked by FC de Kock

In Ubuntu 18.04 creating starters with Arronax was a breeze. In Ubuntu 20.04 it is impossible. I tried create a simple starter for displaying a text file. Title=Test1; File=/home/fck/Documents/TestArronax.txt.

When saving in UB 18.04, it saved the file as Test1.desktop on desktop, convert it to a starter and it works perfectly. In UB20.04 the name stays Test1.desktop. On RightClick there is no option to allow Launching. The same goes for creating starter for application. What is the problem? I already spent many hours to find a solution. On Internet I could find no examples for specifically UB20.04.

Ubuntu 20.04.3; 64bit; Gnome=3.36.8,Window=X11; Arronax - Nautilus plugin to create and modify application starters V0.8.
Installation file = arronax-nautilus_0.8_all.deb. It installed without error messages.

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Florian Diesch (diesch) said :

It seems that GNOME in 20.04 doesn't support using starters from the file manager or desktop any more as it doesn't work for the starters in /usr/share/applications/ either.

It still works with other file managers like Nemo. See for how to use Nemo as your default file manager (but I don't know if this causes any problems so be careful if you try this)

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FC de Kock (fcdekock1946) said :

I found Ubuntu 20.04 has broken a number things that worked perfectly in the past. One of them is the funny policy of no starters on the desktop. However, you can reset this less brilliant change with the new Gnome Tweaks by using the extensions option. This works well also for Arronax created starters, but only for a starter for a application. The starter for a file or location is still broken. The app starter also works only if saved on desktop. I could not get it to work if stored else where. This, I think, is unnecessary restrictive. It was in the past possible to save a starter where it was more handy for your workflow rather than to over populate the desktop with starters.

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FC de Kock (fcdekock1946) said :

With some research I discovered that the Linux Link command is for all practical purposes the same as short-cut key and can be created in the similar way as in Windows. You can use the “ln” terminal command or more easily use Nautilus (the default file manager in Ubuntu), right-click on the directory or file and use the “Create Link” option. The created link file can be cut/copy to any directory. When you click (or double click depending on your setting) on the link file, it will open the directory, or open the file or run it depending on the file type. This is exactly what I need for my style of preferred work-flow. The only exception is you cannot place a link file to an exe file on the desktop, but to do that you can use Arronax app providing you use the “starter for an application” option. In all other circumstances it should perform in Ubuntu 20.04 as expected.