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>How can i have a different paradrop plane for each faction?
>Why is my turret is not firing?
>My Ares 0.c Crashes after a minute of gameplay

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albert25 (albert-liwagon) said :

Yes u can have a different paradrop plane for faction
for side:
[Side]►ParaDrop.Num= (list of integers) example 8,8
[Side]►ParaDrop.Aircraft= (AircraftType)example PDPlane
The aircraft type that will be used to deliver paradrops. Defaults to PDPLANE.
[Side]►Parachute.Anim= (Animation)
This side’s default parachute used if not overridden by the country or a TechnoType. Defaults to PARACH.

[SuperWeapon]►ParaDrop.Num= (list of integers)
The quantity of each corresponding unit (listed against ParaDrop.Types) that will be paradropped. For Type=AmerParaDrop super weapons, this defaults to AmerParaDropNum=.
[SuperWeapon]►ParaDrop.Aircraft= (AircraftType)
The type of aircraft that will deliver the units. Defaults to the corresponding country’s ParaDrop.Aircraft=.
[SuperWeapon]►ParaDrop.Count= (integer - number of planes)

or read the Ares Documention search for Paradrop.

your turret is not firing maybe it don'have primary weapon

the ares crash after a minute, may be your unit, defence and infantry it don't have correct weapon with projectile and warhead. because if AI is build that kind of unit .. it will crash. may be your MOD is the problem... u need more tutorials to avoid that error to your MOD

in other words .. the Ares 0.C is not the Problem. the Main Problem is your MOD.

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