Refinery.UseStorage documentation and explanation

Asked by Templarfreak on 2013-12-16

I'm not quite sure how this works. Apparently just putting Refinery.UseStorage=Yes does not fully enable the logic. There's also no documentation of it here or at least I don't see any. xD

I'd like to know how this logic works, and also how to make Silos. Do I use Refinery.UseStorage for Silos too? I assume the buildings have to have PipScale=Tiberium and Storage=# too.

Is there any other required tags? Do I have to modify something in [General]?

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Graion Dilach
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Graion Dilach (graiondilach) said : #1

Yes, you have to put Refinery.UseStorage to Silos too.

What is the Ares version you're trying it out with? The online documentation will only provide you with the last _stable_ version's doc. (It even says Ares 0.4 documentation at the top left corner, you can't expect 0.5dev feaures in it).

0.5 RC1 comes with the 0.5 manual.

Templarfreak (nodtrooper32) said : #2

I'm using 0.4. This feature must not be in 0.4 but this 0.5dev build you're mentioning?

Best Graion Dilach (graiondilach) said : #3

Well, then there lies your issue!

Yes, you have to use a 0.5 build (RC1 is already available here) for 0.5 features... and Tiberium features are such.

Templarfreak (nodtrooper32) said : #4

I didn't even know this 0.5 RC1 build existed. xD

Thanks for the help!

Templarfreak (nodtrooper32) said : #5

Thanks Graion Dilach, that solved my question.