MO 2.0psi's NPatch can uses Ares?

Asked by Welschiez Gutmann on 2013-05-08

I just have a clean - install of full rip Yuri's revenge (without no-cd crack, of course ;-) )
And I just downloaded Mental Omega 2.0 psi. I've heard someone says "you can't run Ares and NPatch at the same time."
But in the instructions in says i need to run NPatch install, and the gamemd.exe seems can't run without npatch! (Missing Npatch.mix)

It's very funny that on the site above it writes " Enhanced with Ares DLL, Mental Omega 3.0 strives to bring new features to Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge" makes me LOL (No i'm not angry, yea).

Please give me a help.

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Graion Dilach (graiondilach) said : #1

What to help on you?

The NPatch installer functions as an uninstaller as well. If you manually killed the NPatch.mix as the uninstall of NPatch, then you did it wrong. YR's exe by default doesn't need NPatch.mix, it's your actions which made it so.

Read why Ares can't work with NPatch.

The MO sites clearly say that 3.0 uses Ares. You have 2.0. 2.0 uses NPatch, and just as 2.0 and 3.0 are based directly on YR NPatch and Ares are also based on YR, not on each other.

Welschiez Gutmann (thevncore) said : #2

Err, I want to use Ares with MO.

Welschiez Gutmann (thevncore) said : #3

Install NPatch is one of steps to Install MO. But it won't run if I install NPatch.

Graion Dilach (graiondilach) said : #4

MO 2.0 is incompatible with Ares, because it uses NPatch tags, and Ares doesn't use NPatch-based tags. New countries for example use totally different tags.

Installing NPatch is only a step for 2.0 usage. 1.2 used no patches and 3.0 will not use NPatch.

Welschiez Gutmann (thevncore) said : #5

I'm assuming that we've a mistake in version definition that is: Which cleary version of MO is "3.0"? On the downloading site:

There should be three versions to download:
Mental Omega APYR 2.0psi + Patch 2
Mental Omega APYR 2.0c, and
Mental Omega APYR 1.2.

And i think the version 3.0 you've said is Mental Omega APYR 2.0psi + Patch 2 , did you? No, 3.0 won't use NPatch. So the first thing we have to agree with each other is the what's is 3.0 package download name?

Best Graion Dilach (graiondilach) said : #6

2.0 Psi Patch 2 is 2.0 Psi Patch 2.

3.0 isn't released yet, it's in an internal beta testing phase.

Welschiez Gutmann (thevncore) said : #7

Thanks Graion Dilach, that solved my question.