Crashes on Windows 8 when using Type Select or playing a second match

Created by AlexB
Win8 Type Select Second Match

The game crashes when using the Type Select keyboard command, or when trying to play a second match, or possibly when exiting the game. This happens on Windows 8 and later, but not on earlier versions of Windows, and only with Ares 0.6 and earlier.

This bug has been fixed already. The reason was a memory management issue because of mixing game memory and Ares dll memory. Ares 0.6 was released in April 2014. This issue was fixed shortly after and the fix has been publicly available in all later official versions.

If you are still using an older version of Ares, consider upgrading to the latest version. Otherwise you are missing out on several bugfixes and improvements that have been included since then already. You can find the Ares version you are using on the game's loading screen and on the bottom right corner of the main menu.