Comodo Internet Security

Created by Renegade
Comodo Antivirus Protection Problem Crash Start

[This is a copy of the text in the manual at the moment; in the future, this should become the primary document for Comodo-related info.]

Commendably, Comodo Internet Security actually complains when one program tries to modify another at runtime, unlike other anti-virus products, which happily let it happen. Unfortunately, this is exactly the way Syringe/Ares works, making it a so-called "false positive".

In order for Syringe/Ares to work with Comodo Internet Security, you have to make the following changes to Comodo's settings (courtesy of eva-251):

    1. gamemd.exe and Syringe.exe need to be in the "Trusted Files" list.
    2. Under "Computer Security Policy" -> "Defense+ Rules", gamemd.exe and Syringe.exe need to be marked as "Installer or Updater".
    3. "Defense+ Settings" -> "Execution Control Settings" -> "Detect shellcode injections" should be checked.
    4. Under "Defense+ Settings" -> "Execution Control Settings" -> "Exclusions:" add Syringe.exe, Ares.dll, Ares.dll.inj, gamemd.exe

This should allow Syringe/Ares to work properly.

WARNING: For your own safety, do not ever run a Windows-computer without active anti-virus protection. Computer worms actively scan the Internet for vulnerable machines, so even if you don't do anything, you could be infected within minutes.