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Asked by Erik Teichmann on 2007-06-14

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty"
Unfortunately, it broke the Tv-output on my laptop. So what I want to do now is go back to 6.10 "Edgy". My /home is on a separate partition, so I'm not worried about my documents, but I don't want to bother with restoring all of my applications. Is is possible to use APTonCD in this situation? Or maybe there's a better solution for this? I noticed the option to include old/broken versions, but I suppose those wouldn't work for different repos?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hmmm... Maybe if I added all the Edgy repos to my sources.list?

Or what if I used APTonCD to generate the metapackage, and then just pulled that onto the machine after going back to edgy? Would the metapackage pull from the online repos if the CD wasn't there?

Best Rafael Proença (cypherbios) said : #3

Hi Erik,

The packages inside a aptoncd medium is valid only for the same version of the OS. You can use it in another OS by your own risk.
Btw, if you just want to know what packages are installed in your computer to install the same set in another one, try those commands:

In the machine wich has the packages:
$ sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep install | cut -f1 > packages.dpkg

In the fresh install (new machine):
$ sudo apt-get install `cat packages.dpkg`

That should do the trick.

Thanks Rafael Proença, that solved my question.