How to download a package with all of its dependecies?

Asked by Capslockmat1 on 2009-06-22

I dont have internet connection at home and wish to download packages from my office (Windows is installed on Office PC) and install them on home pc (which has Ubuntu 9.04) .

I tried

but it lists dependencies and those dependencies have more dependencies....

Is there any way by which I can download a .deb package with all its dependencies?

something similar to .exe ?

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de.doughboy (de-doughboy) said : #2

>>I think the question deserves a better answer.
>> I did this from my windows network.
>> 1) cd /var/cache/apt/archive
>> 2) sudo chmod 777 archive/*
>> 3) cp XP-SP2/public/*.deb /var/cache/apt/archive/
>> 4) open ubuntu package mgr and select aptonCD package to reinstall.
>> 5) the reinstall completes but the AptonCD tab "does not" appear in the System menu ->Administration->AptonCD.
>> 6) it appears that some of the dependencies must have been left out, but there were no errors in log.

I solved this by downloading. Aptoncd-0.1.98-ubuntu4-all-setup found here for release 9.04

Downloadable files~
aptoncd 0.1.98-0ubuntu4 (i386 binary) in ubuntu jaunty

i386 build of aptoncd 0.1.98-0ubuntu4 in ubuntu jaunty RELEASE

produced these files:

    * aptoncd_0.1.98-0ubuntu4_all.deb (207.8 KiB) <---Install this by copy to /var/cache/apt/archives then double click on it.
    * installs all dependancies along with system menu files.